D/s Adhesive Tapes , Floor Marking Tapes, Adhesive Cotton Tape, Filament Tape, Transfer Adhesive Tape, Craft Paper Tape, Paper Reinforced Tape, Mounting Tapes For Profile/ Trims, Packaging Material
D/s  Adhesive Tapes
D/s Adhesive Tapes
Floor Marking TapesFloor Marking Tapes
Floor Marking Tapes
Adhesive Cotton Tape
Adhesive Cotton Tape
Filament Tape
Filament Tape
Transfer Adhesive Tape
Transfer Adhesive Tape
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D/s Adhesive Tapes
D/s Solvent Tissue Tape    
Double sided tissue tape consist of non woven tissue and coated with strong Pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides. It is designed to stick two surfaces together, often in a way which is not visible in the end product, due to it being in between the objects rather than overlaying them. This allows for neater looking projects and better craftsmanship.
D/s Acrylic Tissue Tape    
Double sided acrylic Adhesive tapes are used for bonding glass to painted and unpainted metal also used to paste glass to glass , metal to glass and other structural projects.
D/s Acrylic Foam Tape    
Double side acrylic foam tape is a pressure sensitive and good heat resistant high bond adhesive tape.
D/s Plate Mounting Tape for printing industry    
These are the four pillar plate mounting tapes that are procured from well-known names of the industries. To ensure excellent print quality at low or high press speeds, the tapes are made using closed-cell elastomeric foam carrier. Acrylic adhesive mounting tape system offers optimal tack of the plate to the cylinder. Furthermore, the durable plate mounting tapes can be easily used for reducing costs and enable easy plate re-positioning. The one piece sticky back mounting tapes leave no residue, as these are easy to remove from the cylinder.
D/s Polyster Tape    
Double sided polyester tape consist of film carrier and coated with strong Pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides.
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