D/s Adhesive Tapes , Floor Marking Tapes, Adhesive Cotton Tape, Filament Tape, Transfer Adhesive Tape, Craft Paper Tape, Paper Reinforced Tape, Mounting Tapes For Profile/ Trims, Packaging Material
D/s  Adhesive Tapes
D/s Adhesive Tapes
Floor Marking TapesFloor Marking Tapes
Floor Marking Tapes
Adhesive Cotton Tape
Adhesive Cotton Tape
Filament Tape
Filament Tape
Transfer Adhesive Tape
Transfer Adhesive Tape
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Filament Tape
Filament Tapes are available in both mono and biaxial (cross) filament Patterns with very high tensile strength and adhesion.

We offer a quality range of filament tapes used in various glass sealing, closing, strapping, bundling and reinforcing applications. These are suitable for light duty and as well as heavy-duty packaging and are available in many sizes, colors and grades. Moreover, these filament tapes can be customized as per the requirement of our clients.

These  Tapes are used in Refrigerators and Fax machines etc for holding of ' moveable parts' like plastic trays etc, so that during transit there is no damage to these parts. not leave any adhesive glue marks
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